MM : MiniMag – Electromagnetic Flowmeter


The MiniMag is a low-cost Electromagnetic Flowmeter, suitable for flow-rate and totaliser metering and batching. The converter/processor is inbuilt on the flowmeter sensor primary. These two elements form a very compact package.

With no moving parts and an obstruction-free bore, this type of flowmeter is ideal for measuring a wide range of conductive liquids (that are chemically aggressive, or dirty) up to a temperature of 70°C, with minimal head losses and virtually no ongoing maintenance. MiniMag is ideal for measurement of water or water based liquids including admixtures, and providing flowrate or total display for applications such as shot creting and for process batching/monitoring applications. The MiniMag can be used in conjunction with a remote ManuFlo FRT-303 Indicator or Batch Controller, or can be connected to 3rd party PLCs via the onboard 4-20mA or pulse output.


  • Very compact and light weight design, in sizes:
    • 10mm 1⁄4” connection (4mm bore)
    • 15mm 1⁄2” connection (8mm bore)
    • 20mm 3⁄4” connection (12mm bore)
    • 25mm 1” connection (15mm bore)
    • 50mm 2” connection (40mm bore)
  • Flowrange @ ±2% accuracy: to 3/25/50/100/300 Litres/minute
  • Repeatability of rate: <0.2%
  • Process range to 70°C
  • Display shows non-resettable Total in Litres (millilitres for MM10) or Flowrate in Litres/min (millilitres/minute for MM10).
  • NPN Pulse Output
  • 4-20mA output, endpoints programmable in 0.1 Litres/min increments.
  • Robust construction for industrial use to IP67.
  • Stainless Steel Body, PEEK liner, SS316 electrodes with integrated grounding electrodes.
  • Fast and easy installation or removal with BSP male threaded end connections.